The Pasco County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

On-Air Nets

Pasco ARES / SKYWARN  Weekly Net

The Pasco County ARES/SKYWARN  Net meets on-the-air each Wednesday night at 7:30 PM local time. Currently we are linking up to 4 Pasco County repeaters via echolink. You can connect to anyone of the repeaters listed below. The primary repeater is 146.670.

The Pasco County Amateur Radio Service wishes to thank the all of the above organizations Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club, Zephyrhills Area Amateur Radio Club, and East Pasco Amateur Radio Society for the use of their repeaters.

We always have openings in the schedule for NCS operators. If you are interested in assuming the NCS duties for any of the upcoming weeks, please contact…

WCF Daily Nets [on NI4CE /r System]

The West Central Florida Group runs NI4CE as a common carrier, meaning that none of the nets on our system are ran by our group. To read full details about the nets on our system, you can visit the organization that sponsors and manages the net in question by clicking on the net name if a detailed webpage exists explaining the net below.

QCWA Net – 9:00 am Saturday

WCF Section Information Net – [7:00 pm Tuesday]

WCF ARRL ARES Net – [7:30 pm Monday]

Eagle NETS Net – [8:30 pm Monday – Sunday]

NWS SkyWarn Net – [9:00 pm Tuesday]

WCF ARRL Tech Net – [9:00 pm Thursday]

Florida NTS Nets

EST/EDT (Local Time)

Net Name


0655  Florida Phone Traffic Net (FPTN)
3940 LSB
0730 – Saturday Only ARRL Information Net (AIN) 3940 LSB
0900 – Mon-Sat Northern Florida ARES Net (NFAN) 3950 LSB (ALT 7242 LSB)
1200  Florida Mid-Day Traffic Net (Mid-Day) 7242 LSB
1800 Tropical Phone Traffic Net / FAST  (TPTN/FAST) 3940 or 7242 LSB
1830 Florida Medium Speed Net   3651 or 7051 CW
1830 (Winter)
1930 (Summer)
Northern Florida Phone Net 3950 LSB
1900 All Florida CW Net (QFN) 3547 or 7051 CW
2200 All Florida CW Net (QFN) 3547 CW
2230 Florida Amateur Sideband Net – Late
3940 SSB
VHF/UHF Nets affiliated with NTS in the WCF Section
EST/EDT (Local Time)

Net Name – Location


1830  SPARC Daily Net
St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay Area
147.060 (+) 
2030 Eagle Net
ARRL WCF Section Traffic Net
NI4CE/R System